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Case Study

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)


An Overview

About The Customer

The B-BBEE Commission was established by Section 13B of B-BBEE Act 46 of 2013 and has jurisdiction throughout SouthAfrica. They must be impartial and perform its functions without fear, favour or prejudice, in the most cost-effective manner and in accordance with the values and principles mentioned in section 195 of the Constitution. In terms of Section 13E, they are financed from money that is appropriated by Parliament for the B-BBEE Commission, and money lawfully received from any other source.

What The Customer Wanted

The Project

The B-BBEE Commission with its vision of an inclusive industrialised economy that is globally competitive aims to deploy a OnestopShop portal that will enable stakeholders to conveniently and effectively access information, acquire services, and engage the commission while improving its overall operations by leveraging technology in providing frontline services to stakeholders and the public in general.

What They Wanted It To Do

The customers Business Objective

The intranet provides variThe objective of the project was to develop and implement a OnestopShop Portal that is secured with a capability to convert online forms into PDF format and have both Admin and Public Client Interfaces. The single purpose of the OnestopShop Portal is to provide the public with relevant services within the mandate of the Commission. It is not meant to be or replace the general web presence site of the Commission.ous stakeholders and employees with a central hub of organisational information, as well as fostering collaboration and learning amongst users and on the other hand the website provides an overview of what the council does, their mandates, current programmes, research projects, appeals and key contacts. Our comprehensive software design, combined with bespoke page template designs, provided The CBE with a system which met their specific needs to deploy an intranet and website which would engage and excite their users.


What we did for them

The Solution

The Pulego team created a web portal that enable stakeholders (public and private sector entities) and the public in general to submit service requests in a form of lodging fronting complaints, submission of B-BBEE compliance reports and registering major transactions. The portal offers a back-end administ administrative dashboard for managing cases submitted by the public, track progress made in resolving such cases and engage the specific clients on their submission.


Some key issues that were addressed were as follows