Pulego Communications provides business, personal and technical training services in order to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the skills development gap that exists in our country. Our approach is to look for consulting opportunities, study the environment of a customer and then provide an experienced trainer with quality content to address fundamental skills gap existent within participants. In some cases, we sub-contract local and international expert trainers depending on the severity and complexity of skills gaps. The priority in all our interventions is to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of the participants, their sector and working environments so to deliver accredited content (in some cases) that specifically addresses such conditions.

We utilise practical training techniques and tools in the following areas:
Soft Skills Training
We designed the Leadership Development Program (LDP) that focuses on providing young people with practical skills that prepare them to be competitive professionals with basic yet fundamental leadership, management, and entrepreneurial qualities as they start their careers in the industry. The program takes into consideration dynamics and realities of young people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and nurtures their confidence and competence to be able to be as pro-active as their peers from well of backgrounds. The program is targeted at learnership and internship programmes hosted by government entities and business incubators.
Entrepreneurship Development Training
These training sessions are focused on providing the individual start-up entrepreneurs with essential skills that will enable them to survive tough demanding business conditions. These are special individuals that need a lot nurturing and support so they are resourced enough to turn their ventures into profitable businesses.
Enterprise Development Training
A series of business development training tailored for start-ups in both rural and urban settings. Entrepreneurs want to see quick results from any intervention they get, therefore Pulego Communications takes an approach where training is made specifically to the needs of start-ups to establish a sustainable enterprise. Enterprise Development Training is offered to start-ups through incubation programmes ran by corporates, local governments, and business incubators.
Business Applications Training
Pulego Communications also provides small business owners training in key applications for the efficiency of their businesses. These include customer relationship management, content management systems, mobile applications, and social media tools which are applications that our IT services support.