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Enabling Citizen Engagement for Smart Cities

“Governments that listen to their citizens deliver better services and formulate better policies.”
World Bank Group



Incident Reporting Platform

Co-City is a mobile platform that enables citizens to conveniently report or provide anonymous tip-offs of incidents of crime, corruption, bylaw infringements and traffic directly to the metro police.

App Features


Makes reporting incidents quick and easy.

5 Steps

Is all it takes to report an incident.

Track Progress

Keep track of the progress on your reported incidents.


Find Your Way

Quickly locate and navigate to your nearest TMPD office.

Important Contacts

All the city’s important contacts numbers in one place.

News & Alerts

Stay up to date with what is happening in the city.


“If used correctly this app can usher in a new method of police collaborating with the public in order to successfully combat crime and keep the streets of this city safe.”

Stephens Mokgalapa – City of Tshwane Mayor


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Citizens have a critical role to play in advancing transparency, accountability and effectiveness in the delivery of municipal services. Smart cities leverage technology to effectively engage citizens, efficiently provide services, improve participatory democracy, and enhance administrative efficiencies.