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We offer a range of tech services to meet your every need. From software and application development, to smart city solutions, Pulego Tech has you covered.


Pulego Technologies recruits and provides skilled software developers and consultants to move the client’s projects forward constantly. We empower our consultant to learn and grow so they deliver the highest quality output and value to our clients. The benefits to the client of this outsourcing arrangement include:

We have successfully outsourced software developers and testers to support projects of clients that include EOH (further placed with Nedbank and Momentum), Gauteng E-Government Department, ETION Create, Skhomo Technologies, Akhanya Innovations (further placed with Accenture), Talis Group, and Vatosat.

There are a number of delivery models we utilise:

Onsite Outsourcing

We provide proficient and highly skilled software consultants to the client’s site for the project duration. This allows for an integration of Pulego’s specialists with the host organisation while providing them access to Pulego’s complex set of competencies.

Onshore Outsourcing

Refers to obtaining services from specialists based within the same country. In this instance, a client in South Africa will contract with Pulego for a dedicated team of local consultants – who will also remain based at our premises.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Refers to obtaining services from specialists based within neighbouring countries. In this instance, a client in a neighbouring country will contract with Pulego for our consultants – who will also remain based at our premises.

Offshore Outsourcing

Refers to the exporting of IT-related work to non-neighbouring countries. In this instance, a client from anywhere in the world will contract with Pulego for our consultants – benefiting from competitive pricing and timezone differences.

Staff Augmentation

Involves adding capacity to help another software development company in need of certain skills that Pulego consultants can fill.

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Custom Software Development

We help our clients to build quality software solutions and products based on their unique requirements through:

System development by applying best industry methods and cutting edge tools to design, develop, deploy and maintain software solutions that meets specific client needs

Software testing to determine the functional and performance readiness of software applications before deployment so as to minimise risks during full scale implementation

Systems integration that involves system assessment to identify technical and process improvements required to achieve business objectives from technology platforms that are being utilised, and data migration between different systems to ensure business continuity

Software Optimization by using best practices and standards to analyse a software solution, identify performance gabs and modify the system to achieve functional efficiency

Specific services include:

In this portfolio, we have successfully delivered projects for clients that include Consumer Goods & Service Ombud (CGSO), Council for the Built Environment (CBE), Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), B-BBEE Commission of the DTI, Gauteng E-Government Department, The Innovation Hub, Gauteng Department of Education as a sub-contractor to Skhomo Technologies, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) as a sub-contractor to Skhomo Technologies, Tshwane Automotive Special Economic Zone (TASEZ) as a sub-contractor to Sizwe Africa IT Group, and the Independent Development Trust (IDT) and the Department of Public Works as a sub-contractor to MTDS.

Smart City Solutions

Pulego’s own product, The Co-City Platform is a smart city solution that digitally transforms frontline service delivery by enabling efficiencies in citizens’ engagement, incident management, and dispatch management. The platform provides the following components:

Co-City Citizens App. Enables citizens to use mobile devices to conveniently report safety incidents and service delivery issues at real-time to local authorities. The citizen receives updates as the incident is being addressed. They are able to locate and navigate to nearby services, access and dial essential service contacts, and receive safety and service notifications and alerts.
Co-City Engagement Dashboard. Enables local authorities to improve efficiencies in incident management, performance management and citizens’ engagement. The operators at the central and regional customer care centres are able to instantaneously access data of incidents reported by citizens and to capture others reported via multiple channels; as incidents are managed through workflow process, response time, personnel and resources involved are tracked creating accountability on each incident. Officials are able to send notifications and alerts to citizens, capture service enquiries, and access dynamic data analytics reports visualising data graphs and heatmaps.
Co-City Dispatch Module. An integration ready dashboard module that improves dispatch management when resolving reported incidents, infrastructure defects, and service delivery issues. The module provides visualisation of logged cases and responding resources (field workers and vehicles) over a map, tracks responders, two-way communication over a chat service between the dispatcher and the responder, and an audit trail that can generate response performance reports.

Pulego has successfully collaborated with the City of Tshwane Municipality, Tshwane Metro Police Department, The Innovation Hub, Department of Public and Services Administration and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in developing the Co-City platform.