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Pulego Technologies in partnership with the City of Tshwane Municipality and The Innovation Hub has implemented a citizen’s engagement mobile platform, called Co-Safety, with Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMDP). This is as a result of TMPD expressing interest in adopting mobile technologies to collaborate with citizens in addressing community safety issues and having a need for a platform that automates its incident management process. Co-Safety is a mobile platform that enables citizens to conveniently report or provide anonymous tip-offs of incidents of crime, corruption, bylaw infringements and traffic directly to the metro police. The metro police instantly receive the data and take appropriate action while keeping track of progress in resolving the incident. Co-Safety further provides metro police the ability to directly engage citizens on community safety issues and offers data analytics capabilities to aid the metro police management decision making.

Co-Safety as a smart city solution can be customised to handle any environment where there is a need for citizens engagement, incident management, service delivery enhancement and improvement of internal operational efficiencies.


We help our customers determine and improve efficiencies of software applications they are utilising through our consulting services. The specific interventions we provide in this area include software development that meets specific needs using cutting edge tools, software testing to determine the functional and performance readiness of software applications before deployment so to minimise risks during full scale implementation, system assessment to identify technical and process improvements required to achieve business objectives from technology platforms that are being utilised, and data migration between different systems to ensure business continuity. In this portfolio, we have successfully delivered projects for clients that include Council for the Built Environment (CBE), B-BBEE Commission of the DTI, Gauteng E-Government Department, and the Independent Development Trust (IDT) and the Department of Public Works as a sub-contractor MTDS.





Developer Outsourcing

Pulego Technologies identifies and provide developers and consultants that are motivated and proactive to move our client’s projects forward constantly and are committed to high levels of standards. We support our developers and consultants by providing them with opportunities to learn and grow such that they can be of value to our clients. We have successfully outsourced software developers and testers to support projects of clients that include EOH (further placed with Nedbank), Gauteng E-Government Department, Akhanya Innovations (further placed with Accenture), Talis Group, and Vatosat.



Pulego Technologies provides business, personal and technical training services in order to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the skills development gap that exists in our country. Our approach is to look for consulting opportunities, study the environment of a customer and then provide an experienced trainer with quality content to address fundamental skills gap existent within participants. In some cases, we sub-contract local and international expert trainers depending on the severity and complexity of skills gaps. The priority in all our interventions is to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of the participants, their sector and working environments so to deliver accredited content (in some cases) that specifically addresses such conditions. We have empowered over 3000 people through our training services.