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Pulego Communications is a Pretoria based enterprise, providing innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions, consulting and training services. Moreover, our services are geared towards enabling SMEs and government agencies to enhance their offering, improve efficiency, and do business pro-actively. Our training provides practical skills by introducing new ideas through methods and techniques that complement different learning styles.



Service delivery protests are a reality caused by facts and the feeling that government is failing to deliver services. Scholars, commentators, activists and government agree that there is a need to address the communication gap between local government in particular and citizens.

Developer Outsourcing

We find and provide proactive and motivated developers that help to move our client’s projects forward constantly, and are committed to high levels of standards. We support the developers by giving them opportunities to learn and grow so they can be of value to our clients.


We provide business, personal and technical training services to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the skills development gap that exists in our country. Therefore, We provide trainers with quality content to address the necessary skills gap that is existent within participants.

Software Testing

We help our clients assess the functional and performance readiness of their software application before release to reduce risks during full-scale implementation. In functional testing, we use test cases to identify defects, bugs, and enhancements that should be addressed to make…



Co-Safety app and mobisite enables citizens to report or provide anonymous tip-offs of incidents of crime, corruption, bylaw infringements and traffic to the police. The police will receive the data and then take appropriate action and keep track of progress in resolving the incident. Co-Safety also enables the metro police to engage with citizens on community safety issues and offers data analytics capabilities, thus helping management make informed decisions.